My new years goals..I hate resolutions

When I started this blog I thought that it would be something of an outlet for me because doing the whole weight loss thing is exhausting. It was really an outlet to give people perceptive on weight loss journeys and for me to give flush out what was going on in my mind.

I was diligent with posting relevant articles, etc. Then I died off.

Then I got sick.

Then I had to go on this crazy diet…of which I actually enjoy right now, frankly.

So I guess the title, of which I was talking to my partner about yesterday, is a fitting one…an ‘eating journey’. I have battled my whole life with food, indulging/starving/cutting out/mental games, etc. It has been a struggle to know when I am full, to embrace the food that I am eating, and to be content with the place that I am at. However, after going to Japan and facing the prospect of dying and realising that not only does the food which I put into my body deeply affect me, but they can have drastic consequences to my health if indeed my bowel is sensitive.

I don’t like new years resolutions, more because I have never stuck to them, and I hate being ‘one of those’ people. However, I think this year I want to be ‘one of those people’. My 2008 had seen massive transitions on so many levels that it would bore you to death. However, as I was discussing last night, I am SO EXCITED about having the space to marinade (like the choice) in the place that I am living, in my exercises and food journey.

So, yeah what are the New Years Resolutions?

1. Finishing ‘The Body for Life‘ competition.
2. Keeping a money jar. $1.00 for each day that I stay gluten/sugar free, $1.00 for everyday I do 40+ min of exercise.
3. Finding a place of spiritual nourishment–church, meditation, yoga
4. Enjoying and being grateful for the relationships that I have in my life
5. Trying not to get to snappy when I am hungry 😉

Anyways, that’s it. I don’t want to make weight goals ‘being done losing weight’, being a certain size, etc. I am over that. It makes me grumpy and upset. I like what my partner said last night ‘you should try and switch to things that aren’t about your weight…more about fitness, entering a competition, etc’ which I think is true. It is so easy to get OBSESSIVE about one’s weight and what the number bloody says (didn’t gain any weight after Christmas..thank god..still one kilo away)–see! But I think that it puts me into a different frame of mind.

That frame of mind it about putting nourishing things into my body which give it energy and strength. That is what I need. I honestly don’t miss Diet Coke (haven’t had one in three weeks), don’t even miss me some green tea though.

I am grateful that I am still alive, don’t have cancer, or anything else. Now it is time to refine!

Happy New Years!

2 thoughts on “My new years goals..I hate resolutions

  1. Teri says:

    p.s…you should be a chef or baker…something with food! Could you start a business, preparing food for people with food allergies? (just an idea)

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