No more sticky stars with smiley faces :)

I am done being on a damn diet. I am done measuring my damn food. I am done eating bland crap with no calories. I am done!

I have this epiphany for sorts today. I am done.

I am done getting sticky stars with smiley faces on them.

I am done sitting in a meeting with people clapping when you didn’t eat the piece of cake.

I am done depriving myself of listening to my hunger signals.

I am done eating egg whites and not enjoying food.

I am done being boxed in by the constant fear that I can’t control myself, that I am incapable of setting limits and following them.

I feel free.

I don’t feel like I am revolting, instead I finally feel like I am living. Living to be able to control myself for the rest of my life. Being able to say ‘are you really hungry?’ Do you really want to eat that?

I honestly am so excited. I can actually just be me, me with food. Cooking/eating good food and understanding that being healthy doesn’t mean that I have to track everything. Being healthy doesn’t mean that I live in a points category, being healthy doesn’t mean eating processed crap because it has 1/2 pt. less than the real stuff. Being healthy doesn’t mean skipping dinner because i binged on chocolate b/c I really needed it…or that I’ve been fighting the urge to suppress wanting it.

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