Making myself number one

The past couple of days, well actually the past three weeks have been and interesting ride. I stopped going to WW meetings that week of Christmas, because the meeting was on Christmas Eve then the next week it was New Years Eve..and this week I couldn’t go due to work. So this Saturday is when I should step on a scale and then they can tell me that I am huge..cause I have honestly gained about five kilo..isn’t that exciting?

The realisation is that I don’t put myself first in a lot of instances and I think that many women suffer from this. That is why so many moms gain weight and/or when you get married your forget that taking care of yourself is actually a priority. The goal and focus really is to place the need to eat healthy and find time to exercise.

So needless to say I have had a pretty rough past couple of months. Going home to America–not good, getting sick, then letting it all go. I thought to myself ‘Michelle you felt so good when you were on your crazy restrictive diet…what was the trick?’ The trick was no sugar and nothing processed. This week i thought it would be good to bake and eat 1/2 of it and drink some diet cokes.

I think there becomes a time when you honestly have to ask this good for me? Am I in control? If not, then why are we re-wired to entertain the food. I think that dieting takes so much mental energy that releasing from the mental pressure is done through food..hello that’s why many people are overweight.

It’s just a journey, but I think it’s important for women to understand that they can’t turn to food to ‘release’ from the pressures of life through food and that they have to make time for themselves which revolves around better their health. The thing is that we are the examples, in many instances, for our children. I grew up with women who are incredibly strong, but who use food to relax and having ‘nights off’. I am not saying that you have to be super strict. What I am saying is that binge eating each night is not taking a night off which is healthy.

I am done living the life I’ve lived. I am changing, because I want to.

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