No more crap

I woke up this morning and said to myself…no more crap. No more nutrasweet, no more crap. Just get it out of my body. No more counting points, no more nothing. Just simply eating real, wholesome, honest food.

This is what I got rid of:

This what I bought instead at the healthfood store!

p1010161Almonds, nuts, full cream organic milk (it tastes amazing honestly), dried fruit, and 80% organic dark chocolate.

I made some homemade ‘great museli’–see below post.

I have just decided that I am done eating shit. I am done eating stuff that doesn’t fill me up. I have deprived myself of all of these healthy things for such a long time that it’s hard for me to even think about what they are to be. I binged a bit today on the museli that I made, because I haven’t had it so long. I realised it and then made the concession that it was for dinner and then got over it (going on a walk after posting this).

I also chopped my hair today. It’s been such an amazing experience that past couple of weeks. I’ve ended a relationship, got off the pill and decided to switch my whole entire relationship with food. None of these things are easy, but I haven’t felt this good about my life in a long time. I honestly feel amazing. I am not going to get on a scale for 12 weeks, I am going to go solely off of how I feel and how my clothes feel. That is what I have to go off of. It’s amazing how many people in this world have actually forgotten how to listen to their bodies. I think this whole journey of self-discovery is going to be a bit painful at first, because I am having to rid myself of old habit…ones that include tons of binge eating, eating because it’s there and not listening to my body. However, with the grace that I can find inside of myself I know that I can find that peace inside of myself.

I feel amazing.

One thought on “No more crap

  1. michaelsicurello says:


    Calling crap what it is… is the epiphany that many people never have.


    The next big thing in being healthy/happy is to take every opportunity to eat “live” food… the enzymes and “life force” in food that hasn’t had it processed out of it will bring you energy and joy… (really!)…

    It not hard either… apples, salads, carrots and celery… it just has to be fresh…

    Wishing you health and wealth,


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