Fatty Oatmeal and Pineapple Blender

Hello there thought I would outline my day a bit.

BF: apple at 4.45am…had an airport run. Thought I was going to die. Had some green tea after getting home then had some oatmeal. 1/2 c. oats, 1/2 c. full fat milk 1/2 c. water, one banana, 1 tsp honey. YUMMY!

sn: 1 c. grapes and 1 nectarine

Lunch was out at a friends house. She made some amazing things!
Weightwatchers Hummus, Grilled eggplant rolls with feta and a Chicken/WW Bacon salad! I was really good, I thought with my portions and and I was happy about that.





Arvo/Dinner: went to another friends house. Wow! My friend Tom made this amazing drink that was 1/2 a pineapple and about 10 strawberries with a little pineapple juice over ice! Yummy and refreshing. Then for dinner we had spaghetti with a tasty salad. No noodles for me.


I walked everywhere today. I could have scooted to my friends for Lunch then toms, then church and then back to Toms. However, I walked..it was hot outside, but it felt really good to walk around. Came home after it all and had one square of dark chocolate and it was enough for me. I let myself get too hungry between my time after drinking the fruit drink to dinner that I was starving and went for a piece of bread…naughty…but was starving. Anyways overall not a terrible day and I am proud of myself!

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