1 1/2 classes and dinner

So I went to body pump and it was good. Then I thought that I could make it through an hour yoga class as well right after..I could only do about 30 minutes..too tired and really hungry.

I left, I know I know. Then I came back and ate dinner. Turmeric Pear Fish w/ stir fried veggies and salad. Very good!


I am so exhausted…but I will endeavour to type of the recipes for the fish and veggies. The salad is just a salad with 1/2 of a pear sliced on top…pretty tasty.

After blogging going to go to bed..maybe drink some tea first. Anyways, good day. Going to be tired tomorrow morning for SPIN..hopefully I’ll make it out of bed. But tomorrow night is Samab class..that should be interesting.

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