So tired…no cardio :(

Oh man yesterday as a long day. Woke up at 4.30am and didn’t have a break the whole day. Didn’t get to bed til 11.30pm last night..SO TIRED THIS MORNING. Thank god I had made my overnight flaxseed banana oats last night! Anyways am off to a good start otherwise. I have been telling people that I finally feel at peace with my life and have found a balance which gives me strength and encouragement to actually enjoy getting up everyday.

Had such a great conversation last night with some friends and a couple which I haven’t seen for about a year…isn’t that sad when you don’t see people for a long time. Then once you speak with them you wish that you could talk to them everyday? Well, that’s how I felt after last night. This man is just fabulous, crass, but amazing. We just had this open and honest conversation, the five of us, about life, life’s experiences, sex, intimacy, and the role of women in society. If anyone knows me…I love talking about meaningful things.

The past sixish months have been a bit of a cloud for me. I have really struggled to find a peace and grace in my life, which I have expressed before, and frankly last night I thought to myself… ‘I am finally finding my place in life. I am surrounding myself with good things, good people, and honestly I feel in control of my eating!’ Yeah I might have eaten a bit too much last night, but I didn’t ‘piss away’ the night. The thing which I think many people have to understand is that in order to get the world into your life you have to be willing to let it in. Interesting.

This morning:
No cardio–however doing 1 hr. body pump and 1 hr. yoga class tonight
BF: Overnight Flaxseed Banana Oats

–Off to work will keep you posted later tonight.

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