Freeze, Thaw and Marinade boring chicken

Chicken can be boring.
Chicken, in my opinion needs to be marinade with either some sort of marinade and/or a spice mixture.

I buy my chicken bulk and invest in some freezer bags
Cut them up into portion sizes–mine is about 140g..5 oz
Place in bags
Go through your spice cabinet and/or marinades and sprinkle spices and/or marinades into the freezer bags.
–Mexican spices, Thai, Italian, salt/pepper/garlic, curry spices, teriyaki, soy sauce, honey mustard, bbq..etc.
–With the dry spices you can add a pinch of oil, but I usually don’t.
Write on the outside of the bag what it’s spiced as.
Then pop them into the freezer
When you want to make teriyaki chicken with rice, pull the teriyaki marinaded one out the night before and place in fridge (not good to leave out on counter). While it’s thawing out it’s also marinading.

No more boring chicken! You save money by buying bulk and you have tons of variety!

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