Then I had lunch

Today I decided to have a good lunch. Used the left over veggies from last nights stir fry and tossed them with rice noodles and 140 g of chicken.


I also made a salad topped with a small cut up nectarine with 2 tsp of flax seed oil. I love flax seed oil. Another naturopath thing and I love it. Honestly it’s amazing! It goes will with oats, just simply over a salad or whatever else you want to have it with. It has a nutty flavour to it that’s different from anything else that I have eaten before!


p1010211Flax seed should be bought only if it’s cold and it needs to stay cold. I bought the organic kind, so yeah it was pretty expensive..but in my opinion totally worth it.

I finished lunch off with a square of dark chocolate…yummy! Anyways, plowing through work on task at a time. Lunch was good. Am excited but also nervous about Samba tonight. I really want to get involved in yoga, but I called this women last night regarding a beginners class that she has and I just didn’t get a good vibe from her over the phone. I know that sounds weird, but I am going to wait a bit longer until I find a place and/or classes that I want to go to.

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