Hungry and grumpy

Man I am so sore. So sore from working out two days ago..BodyPump. Then couple that with samba last night. Anyways, Samba was fun and once I get to know the moves better it’s going to be a crazy intense work out. Honestly it’s on the balls of your feet all the time, with your legs flexed, moving quickly and shaking your booty the whole time.

I like being able to let myself be creative and someone of a different person with the ability to ‘let loose’ with dancing. I think that it’s going to challenge me to be technical in a different way, but also to the point of having to let myself be free mentally from being perfect. Also it will push me to be someone that is different mentally. I will have to let myself go and get it into my head to be free from all conformity.

I am hungry today and pretty grumpy due to the fact that I am exhausted. I had a huge breeky of oats w/ fruit and almonds. However,  I was starving. So I had 1 hard boiled egg..just the egg white with about 3 TB of mince. Yeah I know that it sounds disgusting, but I need some protein or something in my body.

Anyways, will post some pictures of this yummy chai/green tea I had this morning as well as some awesome marinaded tofu I am going to have for lunch.

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