A new DAY! :)

I woke up this morning and thought! This is a new day. Last night was rough and yesterday was capped off by a huge cone of gelato. Cappuccino and Mint Chocolate Chip. Can I just say that it annoys me that when I get a cone that they don’t shove the gelato and/or ice cream doesn’t go inside of the cone! Come on. So I end up shoving the gelato down inside of the cone, because I love the taste of a quasi-soggy cone with ice cream.


Last night I couldn’t go to sleep so I was inspired to make oatmeal pancakes. They turned out pretty good this morning.

I also went to Yoga last night. It was funny because I was talking to the instructor, who’s this 70 year old guy. Anyways he taught in America..TEXAS..TEXAS has yoga? He said that everything there was so crazy busy all of the time. Which made me think to myself that I wanted to find a yoga class that was going to be crazy hard. Why couldn’t I just find a yoga class and enjoy the stretching for 1 1/2 hours? HUH? It dawned one me a bit..which was good.

So after my lonely thoughts last night, waking up this morning was good. What’s a good way to start off the day? With cup of Chai/Green Tea blend. Yummy. I put two tea bags in….I like my tea strong.


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