I woke up and it smells like India

I woke up this morning, sweating…because it feels like it’s already a million degrees outside. Then I took in a deep breath and it smelt like India. WOW! India? There’s been some ‘bush’/forest fires locally. So all of the smoke has made it down my way. I love the smell of forest/field fires. It brings me back to growing up on the farm, when we could still burn fields. We would light them with buggies and trucks that would have liquid throwers. Ahh, just writing this brings back so many fun childhood memories. Piled into these 1970s Chevy blue pick-ups with my grandma driving around in the fields starting them on fire. You had to be very careful about how you started it, which way the wind was blowing…you had to have a great respect for what mother nature could do…if you didn’t respect her.

Anyways, after last nights binge I woke up this morning determined to get back on it. Actually not back on it…to ‘turn the boat around’ as my doc said yesterday. I made a cup of hot water with a tsp. of grated ginger. Man, I love it. I was intending to do a yoga download from last night, but for some reason they didn’t get saved..so right now I am in the process of downloading more.

I am off to the gym today at 11.30am for a class called BodyBalance. It’s a mixture of TaiChi, Yoga and Pilates. Good stuff. Then maybe some cardio. Sushi for lunch (it’s nothing to write home about), then rest, then 1 1/2 of yoga at a local studio. I don’t know what I am going to do tonight for fun..but one thing for sure is I AM NOT GOING TO BINGE!

I feel good today. Usually I would be down on myself for everything that has happened this past week. But I have made a quiet promise to myself to bring about as most positive as I can in my life. I need to shift my mindset and become in a better frame of understanding because it’s incredibly important that I live life with positive glasses. 🙂

I woke up and it smells like India..ironic..as yogas birthplace is there. Perhaps its a sign..I’ll take it.

Talk later. ~M

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