Yoga and Dahl…a little tast of India

Lunch out was great. Had teriyaki chicken, avocado, cucumber sushi, with miso soup and about 1 c. of organic grapes. Yum. Big meal, but it was good. Ohh and I think that I snuck in 1 piece of dark chocolate ginger as well. It was good to catch up with my friend Jena..also an American living abroad. We met through a friend I knew, who knew her..over facebook. The amazing connections that the internet can bring!

I survived my afternoon Yoga class. Anyone who thinks that yoga is for pansies.. should try a class. It wasn’t even the whole super powerful fast moving class. It was stretching and lengthening. My body is tight. My legs were shaking. I am exhausted.

I soaked my rice and mung dahl before I went to class and came home to make my first batch of dahl. It wasn’t that bad. I tried to make a chapati…but it turned out horribly. I had about 1/2 of it and then didn’t eat the rest. Dahl with horrible chapati and a salad w/ 1 tsp. of flaxseed oil.


Of course my post dinner snack was one dark chocolate chunk of ginger. I ate too much tonight. I am too full. Less dahl next time and not chapoti attempt. It was too heavy. It was made out of wholemeal spelt flour and water. But I didn’t need as much food as I thought..still learning my body frankly.

I topped the night off with this aruvyedic tea that is supposed to balance Vattas out. (One of the three doshas). My doc said that I needed to find things which lessen both Vatta and Pitta. There wasn’t any tea for Pitta so I went with the vatta. It’s interesting. Frankly I am having to open my mind up to different tasting, especially herbal teas..because I was so used to drinking strong dark teas.


Tomorrow is going to be a good day..I reckon. Starting off with some homemade pancakes which I’ll give a go. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow.


Then yoga from 6-7.30pm. I might even squeeze in an early morning walk because I think that it would be good for me to get up and move around a bit. My cardio is always something which I struggle to get in. I have a bit of work to get done this weekend, so I am going to carve out time to get that done as well..hopefully. OHH I forgot to mention free music outdoors tomorrow…perhaps a book to take along with me and listen to the music…that shall be a good relaxer.

See you tomorrow. Haven’t binged.  Having a fabulous day.

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