awful pancakes…but yummy cupcakes

I was really excited this morning about having pancakes..especially on a sunday morning. However, the promise to show you an amazing pancake recipe will not be happening. They were horrible. So I threw them away.

Instead I had two veggie sausages with three egg whites, 1/2 a tomatoe fried and 1 TB of cottage cheese. Along with my ritual ginger tea.



After that did Sunday laundry and washing dishes. Snuck in 1 c. or red organic grapes and 1 piece of dark chocolate covered crystlised ginger (my rule, one a day)

Then of course the baker in my kicked in. So I decided to go to If you haven’t been to this have to. They have everything, YOU can even submitIce Cream Scones. You can also search for recipes with and without certain ingredients. For instance today I search for recipes with ‘flour, sugar, molasses’ and without ‘chocolate chips, berries, lemon, cream cheese’ and then in the search field types in ‘bar cookies’

One of the recipes that came up in those categories was Iced-Spiced Ginger Bars. I modifed the recipes a bit and made it into Iced-Spiced Cupcakes (when you read the reviews the original recipes is stated as being more cake like then cookie bar I ran with that). They turned out so good.


I would usually binge, by eating at least 2-3 of the done cupcakes as well as tons of the batter and icing. However I had just a couple tastes of the batter and only 1/2 of a done cupcake. That’s huge for me. I ate too much of the icing, but I will take the steps that I have improved upon..I was proud of myself. Even then, I was craving water…felt totally dehydrated and sluggish. This is what happens when I ate anything with refined sugar in it. Note to self.

After making the yummy cupcakes I went home and made a late lunch. Salad with 140g of chicken covered in turmeric. With 1tsp of ghee to fry it all up. Then I added in 1/4 cup of the Moong Dahl I made last night. (It is not longer liquidy, so I think when I eat it again, I’ll have to add water) and 1 TB of cottage cheese. Man I also was craving milk. I bought skim organic milk yesterday from the natural food store. The organic kind is so much better than anything I ever grew up on.


Well, I am off to clean up my messes..which include dishes. Then laundry and yoga from 6-7.30pm tonight. I am so sore from yesterdays two classes, but I feel mentally and physically amazing.

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