Went to Yoga, cried, saw an amazing sunset

I posted on my facebook ‘go to yoga or not go to yoga’. One of my friends, whome I haven’t spoken to in years, wrote back ‘go to yoga you’ll feel better’. So I drug myself to class. I have done three yoga classes this weekend and I am pretty well tired. My body is sore.

Today was the best yoga that I went to. She’s from Switzerland and she was good. It was a good class cause it got my heart rate up a bit. It’s amazing what she can do with her body. I am having troubles with my hips, so I am hoping that I can find some yoga on yogadownload.com that will target those areas.

Anyways, I have two single guy friends Tom and Sparkles (Mark)..but not gay. I took them over some of the yummy cupcakes that I made earlier. I like to bake and more importantly I like to give them away. There’s an architecture firm on the same street as where I work. One day I had some left over cinnamon bread, so I walked into the office and offered them some. So for about the past 2 years i bring them weekly baked goods. I don’t know if they like it, but it’s been fun for me. It gives me freedom to experiment. I say do it.

On the way to Tom’s house the most beautiful sunset was happening so I snapped a picture.


I binged, a mini-binge, on icing. Stupid I know. But it’s the sugar that gets into my brain. So I stopped. Ate a pear and made a cup of tea. I think that making cups of tea will help me. Usually it’s about having something around me. Water gets boring.

Anyways it’s almost 10pm. I am tired, but need to plow through a bit of work.

I am excited for this week.

When we were meditating tonight at yoga I started to cry. My mom wrote me this e-mail (my parents are divorced and have recently become more peaceful with each other) that due to my health scare in Japan she feels that finally she and dad are on better, more peaceful terms. While I was in Japan they had an agreement what whoever heard from me first would call the other no matter what time. After calling her at 2.30am, she called my dad right after. Even since then my mom has called him to check in on him, etc. All of this goodness has come out of my health issue in Japan. My finding my feet with yoga, different diet outlook, letting go of stress and a relationship that isn’t right..right now…all came out of this.

I am thankful!

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