Pancakes round 2

I woke up this morning determined to make pancakes…dang it I wasn’t going to be shot down from yesterday mornings disaster. SUCCESS! In my making of them...I really wanted to have fruit with them. My doc said no real fruit with any meal..has to be by itself..except for cooked dried fruit. So I heated about 1 TB of raisins and 2 chopped up dates with 1/3 of a tsp of ghee and about 1 TB of agave syrup..then dumped that over the pancakes. Pretty darn amazing. I had two of the veggies sausages as well along with a cup of tea.


I am hungry today. Perhaps it’s due to all of the yoga..but I also think that I need to be drinking more water. Had an apple at 10am. Then another at Noon. Along with my lunch of two rice paper rolls w/ chicken, a couple nuts and 1 piece of dark chocolate covered ginger.


I am going to go to Yoga tonight at 7.30pm. Before yoga, around 4.30pm I am going to eat dinner. 2/3 c. of left over dahl with cucumber slices marinades in flax seed oil.

I think that I am going to go to the gym about an hour early to do some walking. I am having problems with my hips not being flexible enough and every yoga teacher that I’ve talked to goes ‘do you run?’ and I say ‘yes’ and then they say ‘it’s terrible for your body’. So I’d rather do twice as much walking up hills then run 1/2 as long and screw with my body.

I am tired this morning, slept about nine hours. But I feel mentally balanced. I feel great.

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