Fruity Oats and Woked Chicken

Woke up this morning to my usual cup of hot water with 1 tsp of grated ginger! I think that I am addicted. It’s good for me to drink it.

Brekky was Fruity Nutty Oats (recipe up) It was good. It kept me full throughout the morning..which is a good thing for me. I like the mixture of fruit and nuts. Not too sure how I am on the spelt rolled, I think that I prefer rolled oats, they just get creamier.


For lunch I decided that I would use some of my frozen, pre-seasoned chicken that I made up. I wrote a blog post about it Freeze, Thaw and Marinade Boring Chicken. Since I am going to samba tonight (second class). I made two portions of what was left in my fridge..not much these days. With two portions of rice noodles. One of the chicken was marinading in turmeric and the other in a salty ‘roasted vegetable’ seasoning. Tons of garlic and fresh ginger went into it.

First I heated about 2 tsp of ghee with the garlic, fresh ginger and chicken. Cooked the chicken down in a wok, adding a bit of chicken broth throughout.


Then I took the cooked chicken out and put in a bit more broth with the carrots and more fresh ginger. Added the green beans and capsicum.


Cooked for about 2-3 minute then added the chicken back in for about another 2-3 minutes.


Over the top of some rice noodles..and perfecto. (I did add a splash of soy sauce)


A cup of the calming aruveydic tea I got went down nicely. LUNCH was good!

I finished lunch with a sugar free, fat free pudding pop. In my binging last night I made some of this and decided to put it into my new Popsicle pops. It was a good little snack. I walked while I ate it..and realised that 1/2 way through I wasn’t supposed to be doing that..still kicking old habits.

I have about 8 walnuts, some raisins and unsweetened carob chips to snack on later. I am going to be eating the other 1/2 of the woked noodle chicken around 4.30pm today..2 hours before samba. It’s either that or eating at 8.30pm. Don’t like eating late and am trying to kick that habit.

This is a long post. Anyways, good food today.

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