Stop eating my food…Want some Kangaroo?

Today has been a great day. Woke up at seven, slept for about nine hours. Did a yoga download last night..Power Yoga 1. I think that it might be best to do some more of the beginners classes, because I need to get the poses down better. Don’t want to get into bad yoga habits…have enough bad habits as it is.

Brekky this morning was the usual ginger tea w/ spelt oats w/ prunes, coconut and the new addition 1 TB of sunflower seed butter–peanut butter conisistencey. If you haven’t tired and this have the chance to..get it. It’s amazing


LUNCH–my favourite meal ever! I had a tofu ginger/garlic stir fry with a small mashed sweet potato. I had a bit on my desk and my co-worker goes ‘can I have a bite?’ Of course! Then she kept eating. ‘STOP EATING MY FOOD!’. Hahaha. Made it with new favourite cooking thing.


I went to the store last night and wanted to find some sweets that wouldn’t send me into a total sugar meltdown, but gave me that post-meal ‘I need sugar’ fix. I found this natural mint chews. They after tasty.


I am trying out this new bar. I don’t know what it is about Australia but they don’t have the Luna, Cliff, etc. bars that litter the shelves of America. Instead a lot of the bars are nut bars. Well the problem is that as a Pitta I am supposed to stay away from all nuts (almonds sometimes) so having a cashew or macademia based bar is silly. So I found this bar called the Wallaby Bar ‘Pure Fruit’. It’s gluten, wheat, bnuts, GMO, dairy, atrifical additives/preservatives and sugar free. No doesn’t that sound disgusting? It’s actually quite tasty I might add. Seriously it’s so good. Winner!


Will cap my afternoon off with an apple most likely. Then off to Body Pump. I didn’t do any excerise last night..should have but needed to sleep. So it’s the beginning of my exercise go. I needed this past 1 1/2 weeks to get my head sorted and I’ve realised that putting too much pressure to start everything NOW is not healthy.

Dinner is going to be 150 g. of kangaroo, 1 small sweet potato and a salad w/ balsamic most likely. YUMMY! See you tomorrow!

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