I LOVE Vietnamese Food…hate cheescake

Yummo…I LOVE VIETNAMESE FOOD. I am so lucky, there’s this amazing restaurant down the street from my work that has the best lunches ever. Not only are they reasonably priced, it’s all fresh food–again no camera. But here’s what I ate from google. It’s called Pho Ga. Chicken Noodle soup basically…but with fresh mint and chili…so good.


After lunch, I was blessed to have a co-worker who got some cheesecake at this local vegan bakery. Amazing. I usually HATE cheesecake. American Cheesecake is WAY too dense for me and it makes me want to gag. But for some reasons in Australia they make it lighter..and I can stomach it. I had about two bites..that’s all that I wanted, but I actually enjoyed them.


It’s so hot here, hot and muggy. Have a full-on weekend. Don’t know if I’ll blog..not access to internet…but hopefully I will. If I don’t, I’ll keep typing it all up and post it all next week. It’s Australia Day on Monday..NO WORK!

Am off to Friday yoga, then perhaps some sushi of some sort..not too sure. Have a good and safe weekend!

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