Happy Australia Day…beer/fireworks/uttes

Happy AUSTRALIA DAY everyone! Yeah, you’ve got it..4th of July for Aussies.

Had a great dinner last night. We over to my bosses house, isn’t that weird? It’s like that in Australia..formally informal. Anyways has roasted potato and sweet potato, with BBQ steak. Oh and this fabulous salad with cucumber, cherry tomato, olives w/ balsamic dressing and fresh mint. YUMMYY. For dessert was fresh fruit salad w/ natural yogurt and a sprinkling of brown sugar.

My friend, Nicole who’s American, and I were commenting on how Australians do a much better job..than most Americans, at making a dinner well-rounded and light. I don’t know. But there were so many fresh things in the dinner last night..nothing with tons of cheese..NOTHING WITH CHEESE OR BUTTER OR MILK. Just honest plain, simple food. As it should be!

This morning started off with a six egg white scramble w/ zucchini, yellow capsicum w/ chickpea/spinach veggie dogs. Topped off with two pieces of homemade (I made it from a box) gluten/wheat free bread w/ 1 tsp of ghee. Yummy brekky. Will hold me over until I get to the party for Australia Day today.


For this party, it shall be interesting. Tons of medical students..who are my age–25 😦 Partying. As I have said before I am still trying to find my social group. It’s hard…well maybe I pysch myself out, because so much of the Australian cultural revolves around lazy days of drinking. Fair enough, but I am not a huge drinker at all. It’s weight thing and also I find that I don’t like to drink just one glass–addictive personality perhaps.

For the party I made Overnight Pasta Salad. YUMMY!


I also made Vanilla Cinnamon Cupcakes!


Well, I am going to do a bit more blogging…and then probably some facebooking 🙂 A 60 minute Power Yoga from yogadownload.com and then head to the PAR-TAY! Happy Australia Day!

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