Want to lose weight? COOK!

Cooking hasn’t been an issue for me…baking has.

I came across this article in the New York Times Online about the Biggest Loser contestants.

They contestents workout between 6-10 hours a day. God I wonder what I’d look like if I worked out that much. Either way, beyond the working out, you have to WATCH WHAT YOU EAT! Isn’t that amazing.

the biggest challenge, and the one that will determine whether they remain thinner, is to permanently change their relationship with food.

I think that is the BIGGEST thing that anyone who is looking to lose weight needs to overcome. Why are they eating? I have been going through this recently. I eat because I am: stressed, emotional, lonely, tired, bored. It’s my friend. It fills my day, I unwind with it. These are dangerous patterns.

Second, they learn fundamental cooking skills that they — like many Americans — have lost, or never had.

The decline of home cooking worldwide, he said, is an underlying cause of obesity.

I totally agree. I think that there are so many reasons why this is happening, and frankly I think it’s because we’ve embraced a two income lifestyle. Let me caution my rant in that I do not think that women should be barefoot and pregnant. I don’t think that a woman’s place is ‘in the home’. However….it should be noted that Americans and actually go to the supermarket and get supper bakes, get pre-grilled ‘chicken’ get the whole salad mix in a bag, can get the filling for cheesecakes in a tub, get cookies in a tube.

The whole disconnect that many ‘post-modern’ people face is a disconnect with the food they actually eat. We no longer actually know what goes into our bodies, we’ve desensitized our bodies to the healthy things which make it thrive.

Today, women in the United States report spending an average of 30 minutes a day preparing meals. The percentage of women who are overweight has risen to about 65 percent from about 30 percent in the 1960s. Cooking and eating well is much harder than just eating less, “Biggest Loser” contestants said.


What lessons can be learned from the blood, sweat and tears that pour freely on the ranch? Simple: count your calories, exercise and learn to cook.

2 thoughts on “Want to lose weight? COOK!

  1. dawnallred says:

    It’s true. I hardly ever cook, or I go in spurts. But just cooking at home IS an effective tool in weight-loss.
    I like the Biggest Loser Wii too! Saw it today. NBC does a great job promoting product!

    • Mish says:

      It’s such a good thing to cook ahead of time. Get some containers, make some stew/soup/sauces and save.

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