Back to square one

If you have and/or haven’t been following my blog I apologise for not keeping it up to date.

1. Work has been absolutely nuts. In fact it’s a Sunday and I am feeling guilty for even putting time into this blog because I have so many things to get done! However, I need to—

2. I most likely have Crohn’s Disease or something along those lines. I went back to the Doctor about a week ago for my follow-up from my colonoscopy. I did have any appt. in January, but I didn’t think I needed to go back and I didn’t want to. Anyways, after the whole episode with the colonoscopy and some personal things I started a five week binge eating DIVE. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and pretty much felt terrible. He sat across from me and showed me the pictures from my intestines and frankly they didn’t look too good. So, he goes ‘it’s either lymphoma, Crohn’s or some bacterial infection’. I said back to him ‘what can I do about Crohn’s and helping it stay under control? and he goes ‘it’s such a new disease that we don’t really know why it starts and/or how to treat it.’ FANTASTIC!

3. I went to google.

4. I found this diet called the ‘Special Carbohydrates Diet’. It’s premise is to reduce the bad bacteria in your intestine by putting in carbs that your body can correctly process. So, there’s no: sugar, gluten, grain of any kind, lactose, yeast and a host of preservatives. I went on an all meat, boiled carrot diet for two days and have been slowing re-introducing food back into my diet to see what does and doesn’t make my stomach upset.

5. Apple, un-riped pears, raw capsicum, honey, apple juice have all affected it. So far.

So, I am looking now at providing an on going blog about my journey on this diet. There are most likely some out there. However, it not only helps with conditions like mine, but it’s also a diet that helps, apparently, with autism as well.

I am excited. I feel amazing. I haven’t had any refined sugar, coffee, diet soda in five days. Yeah I know, but for me it’s great. I’ve lost about seven pounds.. 🙂 I needed to. I am healthy, don’t worry.

Will keep writing!

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