Like a kid, I’m lovin’ my chewable vitamins

MAN OH MAN, this has been the week! I can’t tell you how exhausted I am. The days are so full of stuff right now, it’s Orientation Week, and I feel like passing out. However, I can’t because I have so many things which need to get done and need to get done NOW! Tomorrow it’s all over, well it’s kinda over. I was walking to the grocery store, to get my limited amount of food that I can eat :), and thought to myself..that starting on Saturday I am taking time for myself. Every day I am doing some sort of physical activity (yoga, walks, class @ gym), something to take care of MYSELF!

Speaking of taking care of myself I am doing my darndest to stay true to my diet. I had a little bit of chocolate chip cookies on Sunday night..but it didn’t do anything…interesting. However, what I’ve noticed is that fresh fruit–especially if I eat a lot of it, it sets it all off. I am not exactly sure what’s going on…well what makes my body freak out. It’s like the ultimate mystery–Man I feel like a detective!

So I thought I’d outline some of the things which I know doesn’t set off my stomach!

-Ground meat
-Butternut squash–steamed
-Honey–in small doses
-tomatoes–well cooked
-limes in water
-Pears–cooked to mush
-Mangoes–cooked to mush
-Almond Meal
-Apriots–cooked to mush
-I can handle some melon, but it has to be small amounts–no more than a cup for the whole day.


Butternut squash w/ egg whites and almond meal pancakes…w/ a bit of honey and cinnamon


My staple diet. Boiled carrots, ground beef, and egg.


Steamed pumpkin w/ mushrooms and eggs


Mashed pumpkin w/ ghee (butter), honey and cinnamon–amazing!


Brekky this morning. Mince w/ egg whites and 1 egg, tomatoes, broccoli, onions, mushrooms. The other thing is stewed apricots w/ 1 TB of almond meal and 1 small TB of honey–again amazing.

Isn’t that the most exciting list you’ve ever seen? Imagine eating three meals a day with the same damn things over and over again. I went to the meat section today and I couldn’t make myself buy any of the chicken, I swear to God if I have to eat chicken again I am going to scream. I am thinking about adding a bit of Kangaroo next week to my diet.

I went to the store today and wanted to buy some type of new vitamins, because the ones which I bought have soy in them, and I can’t even have soy! So I found some chewable ones which I think might work! I love the idea of chewable vitamins. 1. It’s actually something I will look forward to eating each day! 2. It reminds me of being a kid..who doesn’t need a little of that?


Anyways, hope that life is treating you well..wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. Tomorrow morning, no doubt will probably be eggs w/ mince!

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