Tool anyone? Maybe Kangaroo?

Man this weekend has been nutso. I decided to move all of my furniture around this morning..with about 30 minutes before I had to meet someone for Tea. Crazy. But my little flat–and it’s little–and it’s a flat–looks so MUCH BIGGER!

Brekky this morning was almond meal porridge. 1/2 c. almond meal, 1/2 c. water, 1/2 c. stewed pear, 3 egg whites and a huge dash of cinnamon. Pretty tasty I might add.


Went out to Tea with my friend Michelle (that’s an easy name to remember). I ordered this Indian Green Tea–it went straight to my head, wow I haven’t had green tea in awhile. I am allowed 2 c. per day.


My friend, Michelle, studied in Australia about 1 1/2 years ago and then she has moved back here to do her Masters in Social Work. We just got to talking about how life is funny right now. We are both in this place where we understand that we have so much around us, but that many times we find it hard to ‘fit in’. Going to uni/college is a very isolating place at times, which lends itself in providing an environment of like-minded people–or at least that’s how we felt. Now that we are in ‘the real world’ there are times when we have both struggled to find the balance of finding ourselves and finding people who support our growth.

After that, and coming back and moving more furniture around, I did a little shopping! WOO HOO.

I love going to kitchen stores, especially baking stores, fancy that! It is so much fun buying something which you know that you’re going to use and will bring a lot of fun. So I bought an upright blender thingy. I am not even sure of the offical title. Picture below!


I am so excited. I used to today in my ‘Kangaroo Chili‘…it is fantastic–I am eating as I type this.

p1010072Kangaroo Meat is INCREDIBLY good for you. I can buy it in the bulk–it’s just like hamburger, but with less calories and fat. So much better.


I was starving, it was 2pm, I ate at 8am–that’s a long time for me. My fall back ‘I must eat now’ food is Tuna Cakes. So I made Tuna Cakes w/ fried spinach.


We have local markets which sell their produce for super cheap on Sunday afternoons–so I picked up about seven huge pears for 2.00, tomatoes, green beans, chilis and zucchinis! I am excited cause it will go well with my 1 1/2 pumpkins–opps bough too much and 1 huge butternut squash–pretty much my staple food.

Well, I am off to make some ‘Mars Bar Slice’–melted 3 musketeers rolled w/ rice krispies w/ melted chocolate over the top–pictures later. I am making rice krispie treats–yumm. Americans love them, Australians don’t know what they are!

Have a good night. Went to mass tonight (am not Catholic), but it was good. I feel like I am finding my balance, my spot in life.

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