You can have good health–but it will cost you.

Everyday I open my front door hoping that I don’t have another freaking bill laying on the ground waiting for payment. This whole intestinal thing has really cost a lot of money. I think right now I am looking at paying at least 2,000.00 once everything is said and done.

It’s really frustrating to have to constantly be paying money into something which isn’t cured. Doesn’t have any answer. I know understand parents frustrations with medical bills..especially those who live in the US. I can’t imagine living there right now, because I would be FREAKING OUT if I had to pay the medical expenses that acure so easily.

It is such a shame to think that one of the most important reasons why I stay in Australia, is due to health cover. I have thought about moving home–espeically during the craziness of last week–and I was mainly detoured because of health cover.

The New York Times recently ran an article on this whole topic of young people–post college graduation–who don’t have health cover. I have TONS of friends that would fall into this category.

The article goes on to state:

Young adults are the nation’s largest group of uninsured — there were 13.2 million of them nationally in 2007, or 29 percent, according to the latest figures from the Commonwealth Fund, a nonprofit research group in New York.

That alone is disgusting!

Here we stand as a nation, a world, preparing the ‘minds’ of tomorrow to embark, trail blaze, etc. AND we stiffle them because if they get sick, they’re screwed. SCREWED!

I am incredibly thankful, although I get annoyed that I am having to spend over 1/2 my savings paying for things that I have no idea if they are actually helping me, that I live in Australia. That I have family who, if I need it, can help cover the medical bills. That frankly, I am still alive.

BUT. NO ONE! NO ONE! Should have to go without health cover. No one should have to stop their careers, dreams, etc. because they had to take a job so that they could have benefits.

I think, especially since I’ve experienced everything that I have, that it’s one of the biggest and most important things for every nation to deal with. The health of the people is at the crux, foundation of societal advancement.

One thought on “You can have good health–but it will cost you.

  1. Esther says:

    Health insurance costs are really high – I didn’t have health insurance for years, and then finally landed a job with benefits and realized what I was missing. Thankfully when it came time to quit and start up my own thing I was able to switch over to Nick’s insurance plan (which isn’t that great, but it’s better than nothing!). I’ve been absolutely shocked by how expensive it is to be pregnant – I keep wondering how average income folks cover everything … if you’re poor enough it’s all free, but if you have a job you’re kind of screwed. Even with coverage we’re going to be spending at least $3,000 on the birth and that’s if everything goes WELL.

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