Pump it, pump it real good

I got some ASH today 😉 Yep, walked around all day with ash on my forehead. I got everything from ‘did you get a tattoo, to you have marker on your forehead’. It’s good that people are honestly watching out for you. It was interesting walking around with it, I kinda like it. I like being part of a cleansing process..it’s been a good thing. This is the first night in I can’t remember where I actually made a dinner, enjoyed it and had extra points left over so I could make a body friendly dessert!

Before I had dinner, washed my laundry and cleaned my house (do you ever get to the point where you can’t stand the mess anymore? I had to deal with the mess ASAP even though I am exhausted). Exhausted? Because I did Body Pump tonight! WOW WOW WOW..pump that body. It’s a class where you don’t sweat tons..but man I can already feel it and tomorrow it’s going to be incredible! I love pushing myself, just when you think you can’t do anymore..you can!

I came home CRAVING protein. I still had about 1lbs (1/2 kg) of kangaroo mince leftover. So I made a kanagroochil and corriander mixed in with it burger w/ chopped . If you haven’t done the mix in yummy fresh herbs/spices into your burgers..you’re missing out.


I also has steamed green beans and brocoli–I love them with just a bit of salt. Man it’s good. The burger was coupled with a small tomato and avocado!


Then I had 5 points left for dessert, so I mixed 2 TB of almod meal w/ 1 TB of honey. 1 c. of frozen berries warmed up and mixed with the almond meal mixture. I added another 1/2 TB of honey–just cause I could. YUMMY!


Well I am off to bed. Totally exhausted. Tomorrow I have interval training with my marathon training program. I am excited. I have a friend coming into town this weekend so I am taking Friday off–I know..setting boundaries and time for myself! Have a good night.

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