Bananas BaNaNaS–this tuna is BANANAS

I just wanted to make a quick post..cause I am flat out–like roadkill.

Man, this day has been busy. I am taking tomorrow off, but dang I have SO MUCH TO GET DONE! Do you ever feel like you can’t get it all done?

Today I had lunch..I squeezed it in somewhere..isn’t that great?

Tuna–with—-BANANAS..doesn’t that sound disgusting? Actually it was amazing. I also added a bit of corriander, 1 small tomato and 1 tsp of olive oil..ohh and salt.


I also chowed down on cold steamed green beans, from last night, and a pear.


Goodness me, I have to get the move on. I have no idea what I am going to have for dinner. Supposed to be going out me the visitor..this could be interesting..I haven’t gone out since I’ve switched to this lifestyle..interesting.

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