Sore, so incredibly SORE

Man oh man. As I wrote last night in my blog post, I knew that today I was going to feel the Body Pump punishment. I am sore, stiff, and tired. But in a good way. You know the kind of stiffness, when you think to yourself…IT HURTS SO GOOD! This morning I started the first of my fifteen week runs…24 minutes. yeah I know, wimp-o-saurs. However, it felt so good to run and man I need to increase my endurance.

After my run I had to get my house ready, have a visitor this weekend. My house is always cleaner when people come that the case for you?

While I was cleaning my house I made a 6 egg white omelet w/ mushrooms, red chili, onion. Topped it with 20g of grated swiss cheese! So yummy.


I munched on a pear about 2 hours later. It was good that I got some food in me. I had to walk around to the local businesses to hand out fliers stating that our uni is going to be having a road closure for a parade. 1. It was good to get out 2. I never realised how many businesses there are.

Well, it’s back to work and then entertaining for the weekend. It may be a boozy one, but I’ll get back to you. Have a good one!

2 thoughts on “Sore, so incredibly SORE

  1. Mish says:

    It is incredibly filling. I don’t really like egg yolks. So I power up with egg whites. They’re so filling, so little calories, and incredibly filling. I am an egg white girl. I add them into oats (well used to add them into oats), no I add them into almond meal.

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