Bring on the wine

Man last night, was all about the wine..white wine that is. I got off work and had to start entertaining my guest..which is totally fine. We went to a local pub–after walking around a bit–and drank a glass of wine. Now kids, I haven’t drank in that long–and man I felt it. One glass of wine on an empty stomach in a tired girl :). We then headed over for fish and chips. I thought that I ordered the chili mussels..but apparently I ordered the grilled fish with chips.

My guest ordered a bottle of wine to share between us. It was hillarious, cause the bottle of white wine, which resturants will give you a metal bucket w/ ice and however many proper glasses. NO..we got a plastic red bucket with plastic wine glasses..hillarious.

I tried to stay out of the fries–man how I missed them–but honestly I did a pretty good job. We then decided..why not go and see a movie. Grand Torino, but it started in a hours time. So what would a good Australian do? DRINK.

One more glass of wine..and I was feeling it. The movie was interesting. I like Clint Eastwood, but it looked like such an American movie, cheesy settings, lighting, etc. I think that I much prefer foreign films.

Today is going to be good. It’s a gorgeous day today so there might be some beach goings maybe some park fun. Either which way, it’s just nice to be forced to take work off and simply enjoy being on ‘holidays‘.

Sorry for no pictures from last night, but I promise to take some this morning.

Oh, no hang over for me. Munching on a pear right now.

Talk later.

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