Fresh fruit–bad news


This morning I wasn’t particulary hungry, but perhaps a bit dehydrated and all I wanted was fruit. So, I’ve eat two pears, 1 nectarine and some grapes. I usually never eat fresh fruit for breakfast, but today I decided..why not? Well, it made me sick. DANG IT! Stupid stomach.

I haven’t taken pictures today, I am sorry. I had a naked burger (no bun) w/ a portobello mushroom w/ cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato. Whenever you get a burger at a resturant, it should be assumed that it’s the highest fat content possible for the ground beef. I don’t like the way that type of meat tastes, I alway get the super duper lowfat mince. So I think a combonation of fries last night, wine, fresh fruit, and nasty meat has made my stomach upset.

It’s really frustrating, but at least I know what does and doesn’t set it off. I think that I new before fresh fruit doesn’t agree with me, but now I know that large quantities and on an empty stomach is a bad combonation.

Playing detective..isn’t is fun?

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