I love me some Mussels!

(batteries died…will post pictures tomorrow)

Tonight I ventured out into the world of restaurants. If you think that going out is hard when you’re on a weight loss diet, imagine going out when you’re on a crazy strict diet.

Tonight I had mussels…they’re amazing. Chili mussels. Basically mussels marinade in this spicy tomato sauce. I ordered a side salad, which you can see had the most disgusting amount of thick balsamic vinaigrette ever..sick. I didn’t eat it at all.


I then had a second wind and made brownies w/ peanut butter frosting (1 c. powdered sugar, 2 TB of peanut butter, 1 TB of butter, swig of vanilla). I made a normal one


and then one where I substituted the flour w/ almond meal.


I did turn out, but needed more of something..maybe gluten free flour–but I can’t eat that. Anyways, I tried some..didn’t BINGE! tracked everything. Shouldn’t have even eaten any at all, but I am making progress with baking. I think that I just can’t try it at all. If I don’t even tempt myself..then it wont be such a big deal.

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