NuTtY and sick :(

Welcome to my second day of being at home sick. GRRRRR. I had such a crazy past three weeks that my body is revolting against me and making me stay in bed. 😦

It’s annoying because I feel exhausted, but I get too bored. I think, after writing the blog post last night, that this blog is really just to help people along in their own journeys with food, life, etc. I am not going to make it a specific blog about Crohn’s Disease and eating on the Special Carbo Diet..but that is what I am going to be eating..because it makes me feel better. It’s not just going to be me venting about how I’ve gained weight–because who wants to read that and frankly it doesn’t do me any good.

I want this blog to be a resource..a practical example of things which I make–even if I can’t eat them (did I mention that I have entered into a bake war–War of the Ovens! Will post more later), life’s challenges, exercise, basically finding balance and enjoying what we’ve been given.

So, in my journey to be more fit and healthy I woke up this morning and decided that it wasn’t worth it to go to work again this morning. For brekky I had: 1 c. of cooked pumpkin w/ 1 banana cooked–mashed w/ 1 TB of almond butter.


It was good, but it upset my stomach a bit and frankly it didn’t tie me over at all. I think that I just need to keep sticking with the eggs. Since I was a bit hungry, I snacked on some snow peas before passing out.


I took a three hour nap! Woke up and ate a nectarine. Then for lunch I had my Lentil Soup for the Soul w/ 20 grams of cheddar cheese grated. Pretty much amazing and it is so yummy. It is also incredibly easy to make, store, and/or freeze! I have two more serves in my exciting.


I am on Twitter–anyone else? my name is mmgay. Anyways I met this girl via twitter who is on the Raw Food Diet and she sent me this link to all raw smoothies..which I found interesting. So in kind of made my own up today:

Banana, Almond Butter, Mint, Ice, Spinach and Mineral Water


Amazing and refreshing!

Well, that is pretty much all I’ve got for you right now. Am going to look up some diet friendly recipes for my belly and get back with pic’s tonight from some websites online. Man the power of information and information sharing has saved me!

P.S. Here’s some pics of me this past weekend, when I crawled under a rock and died, with some Aussies animals!


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