$14.00 salad..come on!

Hello there..good morning Saturday morning to those in OZ and good night to those elsewhere.

Since it’s Friday night for some, I thought I’d post a bit about my Friday night happenings..last night (anyone confused yet?)

I got home after work and decided that I needed to eat a little bit of something so I didn’t fall over later (I have to eat). So I had about 1/3 of a glass of white wine (that’s all I had left) and 1 organic tomato w/ 20 grams of goats cheese, salt/pepper and fresh basil. AMAZING. I am in love with goats cheese.


Went out last night with some friends who are visiting, which was nice to catch up. It’s so nice to have the social scene here at times, because it is hard as a foreigner sometimes to get into the ‘cliques’ which has prevailed for longer that I have ever been around.

I had a glass of chardonnay and wanted to play it safe..why? Because I wanted to prove to myself that I could go out on a Friday night and be behaved. So I ordered this salad “spinach, Parmesan, avocado, balsamic dressing” $14.00.

This is what I got!


WOW! FOURTEEN DOLLARS for bagged spinach and 1/4 of an avocado and about 20g. of Parmesan.

Perhaps it’s because I am American and I expect things to be a bit more…value friendly. I was actually really annoyed with the lack of depth in the salad to the point where I wanted to call over the manager. But, I didn’t. I just enjoyed it. 😦

Can I just write that I DID NOT eat any of the fries and/or pizza that was sitting in front of me? I DID NOT go home and binge. I was behaved the whole night and tracked every single point! FINALLY!

My night was good. I ended up watching ‘Dangerous Minds’. Being a former teacher (inactive for about 3 years) I was re-inspired by the story that it told. I have to give many thanks and props to teachers everywhere in the world!


This morning I woke up and went on a 50 minute walk with one of my friends @ 7:15am. We have vowed to go walking three times a week–which is good for me. Does anyone else workout more if they know they can’t let someone else down? It works for me! It was good to get up early on a Saturday morning and stroll around in the brisk air.

I came home and felt inspired to cook something different then an egg white omelet. Before I get to the brekky that I had I should say something which had totally helped me. My friend Nicole, the one I went walking with, put me in my place a couple of nights ago…because I was bitching about how I couldn’t eat ANYTHING! She turns to me and goes ‘why don’t you focus on the things which you can eat‘. AMEN!

So this morning I felt inspired to make something beyond what I’d normally make, because frankly I think that it’s important to actually enjoy the food you’re eating.

While making my brekky I snacked on a nectarine..what was I thinking? Remember no fruit in the morning!


I made this! Mashed pumpkin w/ sauteed veggies, fried egg, goats cheese and fresh basil.


Pretty much amazing.

I had the Clipper ‘Calming Tea’ which I love. It has a sweet licorice taste to it and just goes down so well.


So that was my post Friday night, Saturday morning wrap up. My legs are a bit sore today from running last night. I am going to go and buy a yoga mat today as well as party crash a 5 year old’s birthday party 🙂 Cake pictures later!

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