Sugar and Crohns

Hello everyone!

How is everything going? or in Australia ‘How’ya goin?’ (sorry for the crazy different font…by computer is acting up and I am too tired to deal with it–think of it as visual variance)!

Today started off interesting. I heard my alarm but thought it was Sunday…so I kept pressing the snooze button. Then I heard the garbage truck and I knew–IT’S MONDAY! Crap! Out of bed I jumped 7:14am…meaning no run for Michelle this morning. However, I did an hour pilates class after work.

This morning I munched on some leftover chicken veggie combo w/ extra veggies w/ 25 grams of cheddar cheese. Did I mention that the steamfresh frozen veggie packets are amazing?!?!?!?! Fabulous when you don’t want to have to cook anything.


Had a salad mixed with cucumber, tomato, 1/2 and avocado w/ 1/2 tsp of olive oil AND the last of the kanga bean fry up. I kept it frozen so it wouldn’t got to waste.



The thing that I have learned on this diet, the SCD, is that you have to prepare food. You have to be ‘on your game.

Afternoon snack was 1 banana and this fruit salad which left A LOT to be desired and a cup of tea w/ 1 TSP of honey.


Today at work we had an afternoon tea birthday celebration. One of the ladies brought in this scrumptous looking cake–chocolate w/ mint icing.


Honestly, I had a little tiny taste. BUT I didn’t have any more then the smallest bit. 1. I didn’t get sick 2. I stopped myself! I am so proud of myself. I enjoyed it’s little splendor..feel fine..and have overcome needing to indulge.

NOW….I have always wondered about my sugar cravings. I always feel like I ‘need sugar’. NEED IT. Where is this coming from. Sugar has been the one thing that ALWAY throws me off track when I am dieting and has been literally and single handly the one thing that can ruin my whole entire day. Frankly if I look back on the days which I have binged–it’s due to sugar.

There’s a couple of interesting things:

1. Research on Crohn’s and sugar:

The daily dietary consumption of refined sugar was studied in four equal-sized groups of 30 patients with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis (UC), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or minor orthopedic conditions. The latter group was matched for sex and age with the Crohn’s disease group. The Crohn’s disease patients consumed significantly more refined sugar (88.9 +/- 50.7 (SD) g/day) than the controls (64.3 +/- 45.6 g/day), the UC patients (64.3 +/- 38.7), or the IBS patients (59.9 +/- 33.3).

2. Blood sugar levels and Crohns—including fruit

If you don’t like vegetables, don’t make the mistake of overdoing the fruit. Two to three servings of fruits per day is ample. Eating too much fruit and honey can cause insulin levels to spike which can increase cholesterol levels.

At mealtime, eat your protein first, then lower glycemic fruits and vegetables (the ones with less sugar). This will help to keep the sugar and insulin levels from spiking and increasing cholesterol levels.

This is interesting to me, because I have always felt, as I have stated earlier, that I NEED sugar. I crave it. Honey is really the only thing that I can get when it comes to sweet things at this moment and I battled shoving the cake into my face today. I think I will take this advice and limit myself to only 2-3 serves of fruit today and no honey for the next two weeks. I had at least 4-6 serves of fruits today.

3. How to kick a sugar craving

  • Eliminate all carbohydrates and drinks that are above 35 on the glycemic index for at least 2 weeks.
  • Eat three meals each day, along with low glycemic, high protein snacks (like eggs, nuts, cheese, peanut butter, etc). Cravings for sweets can be caused by too little protein in your diet.
  • Do control your portion size.
  • Add spices to your food. Cinnamon, cloves, and bay leaf have been shown to be helpful in reducing sugar cravings.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Never drink soft drinks. Sugar free drinks can interfere with a proper calcium-phosphorus ratio.
  • Ginseng and green tea have been shown to be helpful in stabilizing blood sugar. Sip on these with your meals or snacks.
  • Eliminate caffeine can create problems with blood sugar. .
  • Artificial sweeteners can trigger sugar cravings in some people.
  • Make yourself move. Even moderate exercise can help to control your appetite.

So, what is the glycemic index? Here ya go!

So what foods have I been eating that I need to stop eating for the next two weeks?

  • Green Peas
  • Tomatoes
  • Banana
  • Mango
  • Kiwi
  • Grapes
  • Oranges
  • Pears
  • Apples
  • Honey

That is really interesting. I know that I have a pretty restrictive diet anyways, but frankly I think that the whole sugar kicking this is ESSENTIAL for me. ESSENTIAL. Even if you’re not on the SCD it would be interesting if you struggle with sugar to have a think about kicking your cravings for a bit. To overcome the sugar need!

I am glad that I bought a whole bag of tomatoes! HA HA HA. Anyways, I am about to die. I hope that you have a good morning, night, day–wherever you are. If you know of anyone who has Crohns and is struggling or those who have a sugar battle…please forward this onto them or have them contact me.

Thanks for reading! ~Mish

2 thoughts on “Sugar and Crohns

  1. Dusty-Marie says:


    I too have Crohn’s disease and am on the SCD. My main battle is with sugar addiction. I crave it constantly. Although, I have not cheated on my diet, my thoughts revolve completely around sugar. I’m dead serious when I say, since starting the diet I’ve actually had dreams of eating cakes, cookies and doughnuts. I can trace my addiction to sugar back into my childhood years…way before we knew I had Crohn’s disease. I wonder is the sugar addiction a by product of the disease or a contributing factor. It would make an interesting case study! Anyway, thanks for the informative blog!


  2. Mish says:

    I haven’t truly been on the SCD diet..I think it’s because my Crohn’s isn’t severe. However I am starting tomorrow –I know cliche–to be on it truly. I need it in my life. I am feeling zapped and it’s because of the crap I’ve been eating. Thanks for that…I am glad that I am not the only one who craves. CRAVES. sugar

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