This is true love

I just have to post a blog about my co-worker. One she is pretty much the most amazing person I have ever met. She’s this cute Singaporian lady who keeps me grounded every single day. I am 5’10” and she’s 5 foot on a good day. I call her midget (I know it’s terrible) and she calls me giant (I know terrible). It’s enduring I promise.

Anyways, she probably has the healthiest relationship I have ever seen with her husband and they both inspire me to find someone whom I feel the amazing connection that they share together.Yeah I know this isn’t about food..but relationships impact food and frankly finding someone who brings joy to your life is beyond amazing.

It was recently their 8th anniversary and here is some excerpts from their blog….amazing! This post is ‘We’re Eight‘ E- co worker CS- her husband

Eight ways I know you love me – by E

2. You always want to hold my hands when we are out.

3. You always tell me ‘I love you’ before you go to sleep.

8. You get anxious even when I have small cuts or bruises.

Eight ways I know you love me – by C.S

1. You write me love messages in little heart shape cards.

3. You accompany me to look at cars whenever I ask you to.

7. You buy clothes for me.

Eight ways I show “I love you” – by E

3. I exchange sweet-nothings with you over the emails.

4. I go to car showrooms with you and listen to you talk about cars.

8. I learnt how to cook just for you.

Eight ways I show “I love you” by C.S

2. I bring you your contact lens casing before you go to sleep.

3. I go shopping with you.

8. I say “I love you” everyday.

One thought on “This is true love

  1. hetalksshetalks says:

    hey mich, you WILL find that special someone too one day..cos we all deserve it. he’s waiting out there!

    correction: i am 5 foot every day..probably 5’2″ with heels!

    xoxo, midget

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