Hi my name is Michelle

Today was the day when I carted by large rear to the WW meeting. I knew that if I didn’t…i would be gaining tons more weight. I am tired of having terrible nights and days with eating. I am tired of looking at my body and hating it. I want to be in control again.

I am 190.8lbs. Yes kids..that’s right! 22lbs heavier then I was six months ago almost exactly.

I told the leader briefly my story and she goes..focus on what you’ve done and you’ll get it off. I really like her…she’s not so hooky.

Anyways, so start my first offical week off back at WW I have to bake five desserts..isn’t that awesome? I have already tried all of them — hence me being so heavy– so I am not going to try any of them today. I must get going. I will post a huge blog about the dessert war tomorrow night. I can’t post any right now b/c I know that they’re checking my blog for secrets…this is war.

Shopping, Baking, Running—staying OP.

Hi My Name Is Michelle, and I am back At WW!

4 thoughts on “Hi my name is Michelle

  1. Reluctant Blogger says:

    Well done, you! WW is great. My friend, Jane lost stacks of weight with them and yet was cooking wonderful food and made loads of friends too.

    It’ll be fine. Just don’t lose sight of the fact, that whatever your weight you are still you, and to me, you seem to be a lovely person. And actually that is all that counts. It’s great to lose weight – but you are already the lovely person without doing that!


  2. kristin :) says:

    hey michelle!

    been following another blogger with Crohn’s and just made the connection…you know me, sometimes I have to be hit over the head with something to see it! anyway, check out his blog at http://intraining365.blogspot.com/ his profile also links to a couple others about Crohn’s.

    proud of you for going back to the meetings. remember the research about going to meetings…it helps!

    so proud of you!!!!

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