I don’t want to admit it…really

That I miss my ex and thus dealing with my need for someone around I baked. Well well Michelle..what does baking lead to..eating it.

I think it hit me tonight that i am going to go to the doctor in 6 weeks time with all of my old symptoms because I haven’t been committed to my diet. I am going to go to my doctor heavier, because for some reason when I eat something that I shouldn’t I can’t stop—I think it’s because I see it as the ‘last time’…Jesus’ final super. I AM NOT JESUS!

I am stubborn, god damn it. Enough not to have to pay for steriods, enough to prove medical science wrong.

It’s the journey and frankly I am damn proud of myself for getting this far. I am excited that I’ve discovered this at day 2 of the marathon training. Tomorrow morning has a 3 mile run followed by body pump and lunch with a friend.

I feel so much better already. I promise to get some pictures up. I promise.

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