Blessed & Tattoed

Today I took the day off. WINNER! I love having an extra long Friday…yeah no one can complain too much about being able to enjoy the Friday. I decided that I wanted to just take the day off and marinade in doing whatever I wanted to do..which meant no laundry and/or dishes 🙂

After last nights blog post, I decided to read through my other blog posts. They’re so depressing and so incredibly focused on what I haven’t done right. Yeah tonight I didn’t eat everything that I was supposed to, but I had a fabulous time at my co-workers house. I didn’t indulge myself (which I what I would normally do on a Friday night) and I feel amazing.

In response to my blog post last night I got a pretty amazing e-mail from someone very close to me who wrote about the things which they see and/or appreciate about me. I bawled. For someone to write an e-mail to me, because they cared about my so much, to highlight all of the things which they love/enjoy/notice about me…was a blessing.

As I decided to live in the present moment (that’s the word for the blog I am doing elsewhere) I decided to get a henna tattoo of the Hindi symbol for ‘Love’. It’s about loving myself, feeding my gut with loving food, and embracing everything which I can. I love it.


I am drinking some tea, then headed to bed. Up tomorrow morning for an early morning SPIN class, then off to go around the town tomorrow in Fremantle. Pictures to come.

Thank you to all of you. Remember, give yourself a big hug.

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