18.50 eggs

Hey, I feel like I have so much to talk about today. It’s funny being a blogger there’s some days when there’s nothing to say and then other days when there’s tons to say.

Woke up to the beautiful sunshine…thank you day light savings. Plodded around for about an hour, then went for a run. RUN INTO THE WIND. I felt like a blowing away Seagull. Only cranked out about 2.52 miles (according to mapmyrun) about about 10 1/2 min/mil..sick. Way too slow. I could feel it in my knees today and I am worried that I wont have the body type of run the 1/2 marathon…aren’t marathon runners skinny and light…yeah not me. I think that my body is meant to throw shot puts and saw down trees.

After my crappy run I had to get ready for not 1 but 2 brekkys. I snacked on a banana almond butter sandwhich (cut banana in half longways and spread 1 TB of almond butter on it).

Went out for just coffee w/ my friends and co-workers: Tara and Nicole. I was mentioning to Nicole that I wanted to take pictures for my blog, to which she responded ‘I am all over your blog’. Ok, not exactly..just two posts, now three.

p1010227Nicole and I

p10102281Nicole and Tara (Tar-a)

I then biked down to another cafe to meet up with someone whom I’ve met on Twitter. The ‘Reluctant Blogger‘ and they’re adorable three boys. They were so cute. We had a little mishap when a full milkshake was spilled all over the table, but nothing that towels can’t fix.


Knowing that I have a crazy gut (which has been acting up. Not too sure if it’s because of the fruit I had for brekky or the two sips of yogurt based smoothie I had), I decided to order the sides menu. So I order: two eggs anyway you want (9.50), spinach, mushrooms, tomato (9.00). 1 tomato for 3.00…are you seroious? I was expecting more than what I ordered for 18.50…oh wait it comes with bread. Guess who can’t eat bread.


I hate going out, I am usually always disapointed. I think it’s also because going out for me isn’t a treat, because I can’t the ‘treats’ that you’d get if you went out. I came home STARVING, and ate and apple and this amazing salad. I mashed 1/2 an avocado w/ 1 TB of almond butter. OMG..if you haven’t tried this you must.


Walked around the markets with some lovely American study abroad students and munched on some grapes. That pretty much sums up my day. I am thinking about my next move in life and trying to think about what I want for dinner…on a bit of a salad kick.

5 thoughts on “18.50 eggs

  1. E says:

    that’s such a rip-off! coincidentally, i too had a typical aussie brekkie this morning n turned out surprisingly value-for money..its the beach street cafe, down by east freo by the river..we will be back for sure..

  2. Reluctant Blogger says:

    So funny to see my children and the food on a blog. Kind of surreal!

    I feel bad for being such bad company. I’ll make it up to you another time.

    The spare milkshake is still in the fridge – no-one can face it, I think it is a reminder of all that mopping of tables!

    And yeah – eating out is a rip-off. Well, it is if you can cook like you can. If everything you cook is either inedible or unappealing-looking (like wot I cook) then it ain’t so bad to eat out.

  3. Jackie says:

    My husband starting running marathons at 210lbs – 4 marathons later, he maintains a pretty even 175-180. He doesn’t look like he was built to be a runner, and I think you will be surprised at the many different people who run long races – I know you can do it, you are amazing and determined!! Love reading your blog, it is really inspiring to me!!

    • Mish says:

      Thanks Jackie. I feel like I am getting rid of the mental road blocks in my life. Pounded out 4.5 miles..the longest I’ve ever ran in my whole life.

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