Blog Guilt

I read a lot of blogs..well not tons..but enough. I think that blogging is an interesting thing. I follow blogs which are mainly related to diet and exercise. I have attached myself to reading these blogs because they’re inspiring..but I am feeling ‘blog guilt’ Blog Guilt=not doing as good as those who blog inregards to working out and/or eating.

There are some bloggers who eat insanely well, run marathons, climb mountains, etc. I decided about three weeks ago to run a marathon at the end of June. However, in my attempt to do things for ME I have decided to for-go the 1/2 marathon this year so that I can spend more time in Timor vol (story to follow after this dispensing of thought). I had previously stated that I would continue doing the running for the 1/2 marathon training. I have been inspired by Jenna who is running for a 1/2 marathon and Caitlin who has run all over and even Heather who runs a million miles a day.


I am having blog guilt. If all of these super fit women are running around and I lust after being superfit then I should proclaim the mornings I drag myself out of bed, run a great run and feel ‘amazing’! I do feel good after going for runs, I feel good after pretty much any why don’t I proclaim exercise that I love??!?@?@?@?@?@

So, what excericse do I ACTUALLY enjoy?

  • Yoga
  • Workout video w/ strength training (The Firm, Slim n’ Six, BodyJam, 30 day shred)
  • Pilates
  • Long walks
  • Group sport
  • Intense training sessions (with personal trainers, boxing classes, SPIN)

Therefore, I am not going to have some crazy running workout. I want to do things that I WANT TO DO. I want to wake up and do things which are enjoyable to me. When I lost about 35lbs between my Junior and Senior year of college I religiously got up five days a week for the whole summer and did Slim n’ Six and The Firm workouts…it worked and I loved it.

I am not going to profess to a certain workout regime, because every time I do I always mentally rebel against it. I don’t like being put into a box and told what I have to do. Even if the person you’re ‘going against’ is still have to feel like you have a choice in what you do in your life–what exercise you endure. Exercise is about becoming stronger mentally, physically and emotionally. You should choose things which bring you those elements to your fitness.

Thus, I am going to say that I will–for the next 11 weeks (1 week down) to exercise medium-high level 45 minutes six days a week. That to me is tolerable. Yoga downloads, Intermural soccer, long walks, bike rides, runs, whatever will get my heart rate up. I want to enjoy getting up each morning to sweat while I am walking up hills, holding Warrior 2 until I die, or running around after a soccer ball.

You can’t guilt me….I will guilt you because I have freedom of choice 🙂

3 thoughts on “Blog Guilt

  1. nomeatathlete says:

    I know what you mean about hating running because I used to hate it too. But I learned how to love it. If it’s not for you, then that’s ok. For me it came down to having a reason, a huge goal that was inspiring. Not a half marathon, a full marathon. The half would have been good, but would not have gotten me out the door when I didn’t feel like it. And the other big key for me was run slow! Make it enjoyable and you can become addicted. If you go to fast, it’s no fun and you don’t get addicted. I don’t mean to plug my blog, but I just wrote a whole post about how to not hate running, so I had to comment!

  2. Suz says:

    My rule with running is, if I can get myself out I make myself run for at least 20 minutes. If at 20 minutes I still hate it, I reevaluate. Usually it takes about 20 mins for me to find my stride and feel comfortable running. If for some reason I don’t that day (some days are just not good running days!) I let myself walk or I reason to do something else like go to the gym or lift weights or something else instead. If I try too hard when running that it becomes painful and not fun, but when I don’t care, it’s not too bad. Just a thought!

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