My inner thighs hurt!

Day two of the ’30 Day Shred’..omg my inner thighs hurt. Did I mention that I am only on Level 1. I think that I am going to do the Level 1 for about three more times, then move to Level 2 and most likely die…most likely.

I woke up this morning and religiously did my ’30 Day Shred’ and a 20 minute ‘Hip Opening Yoga’ from yogadownload. I love the website and recently bought a whole bunch of 45 minutes classes. While I was doing all of my working out I once again made some amazing beans.


I just dumped black and small white beans together in a pan and soaked them over night. This morning I add 1/2 a chili and 1 onion. Boiled for about 2 hours, add water every so often. Then I blended them down with a hand blended and had the most amazing refried beans. OMG..they’re so amazing. I could eat them forever!

The beans weren’t done for brekky..however I did experiment with making pumpkin pancakes. I had about 1 c. of pumpkin from last nights dinner. I mixed with 4 TB of almond meal, 1 egg white, 1 small banana diced and 1 large bunch of spinach chopped up. 1 tsp of baking powder.


They were ok, but honestly they kept me totally fun which was good. They needed more almond meal, but I am trying to lose weight and almond meal is not low fat. But I love pumpkin that’s all I have to say.

For lunch I had 1 chicken breast w/ sauteed zucchini and mushrooms over salad w/ 1/2 c. of the beans. Amazing and 1 apple. Pretty darn full, but content. No pictures–sorry. I also snacked on about 6 super small dates and 8 almonds today at work.

Came home, not too hungry but wanting more beans! So I sauteed broccoli, and zucchini down with 1/2 a tomato. Then I added 1 c. of the beans, 4 leaves of basil and about 1 c. of spinach. Topped with the little last bit of my cheese.


I snacked on a banana afterwards and a little honey. The binge person is popping back up into my mind and I am just wanting to shove sugar in my face. I am resisting. I WILL RESIST. It’s been good for the past two days and I am not going to give in. I am currently drinking decaf fairtrade coffee with some SCD legal sweetner. 🙂

Ok, well dishes are calling my name and maybe some new toenail polish, face mask…Jodi for sure!


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