Good morning.

I woke up this morning not really wanting to exercise, but as my friend Susan had commented earlier ‘just go for at least a 20 minute run and if after that you don’t want to run anymore, then add strength training in your day’.

That’s exactly what I did!

25 minute run, about 2.5 miles, then Level 1, Day 3, of the Shred. I was supposed to shred last night but honestly I couldn’t be bothered. I know that leaving exercise until the last minute, ie at night, isn’t good for me. Thus I powered through a run and the Shred. It felt really good…I have admit.

This morning was eggs as usual. But I am getting tired of egg white omelets, so I splurged and had 2 fried eggs, w/ bit of coriander in them before I turned them over, with 1 tomato fried w/ .5 cup of the refried beans. I love juevoes rancheros…w/o the sour cream and tortilla it almost isn’t the same…but it was a good substitute.


After Thursday I techinally have 1 week and 1 day off of work. We don’t have work on Friday or Monday in Easter holiday observance. However, from Tuesday-Friday of next week I am driving a bus for a school field trip :). Thus I need to get things tidied up at work and this one thing–Overseas Health Cover–sorted. BLAH. Tracking and excel documenting and databasing 400 students health cover makes me want to punch my brain out. I HAVE TO GET IT DONE. However, I came to work this morning wanting to move all of my furniture around. I have told myself that it’s my ‘treat’ for getting all of the insurance done!

Talk soon.

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