Divorcing YOU…

Hello there.

I have to admit that I woke up this morning a bit sad still from yesterdays comments from the student. It was interesting because I was telling a co-worker about it (I have to process things verbally). She looked at me and went ‘well take it as a blessing, it’s an aspect of yourself that it still affected deeply by other people. Thus, you have some things which you need to process so they don’t affect you so deeply.’ I think that she’s totally true in saying that.

I have struggled with my weight all my life and frankly it’s the one thing which can do my head in for days and days. If I am losing weight I feel on top of the world. When I am eating crap, I feel terrible. If I don’t feel attractive then I feel like eating…and simply stated that’s all I wanted to do last night. I just wanted to eat ice cream..but I didn’t.

Now, that’s off my chest, lets get into the best lunch that I’ve had in a long time. But first brekky. I usually have an omelet, but this morning I decided to do scrambled egg whites instead w/ veggies and fresh basil. It was tasty.


While I was getting ready this morning I decided to steam a huge head of cauliflower. Why? Because I made mashed cauliflower. It is AMAZING. It honestly tastes like mashed potatoes–the salt/pepper combination. Yes, it’s not potatoes, but that’s what I get to eat.

Which brings me to lunch: Thai seasoned chicken w/ a honey flax seed dressing and warmed carrots over cauliflower mash!!!!!


I took about 8 oz. of chicken and sprinkled a Thai seasoning on then and then pan fried them in about 1 tsp of oil. I like my carrots somewhat warm sometimes so while the pan was still hot I added diced carrots in with the cooked chicken.


I then made the most delicious dressing ever! 1 TB of honey mixed with 1 tsp. of flax seed oil.


Dumped that over the chicken ontop of the salad and drizzled the remainder over the mashed cauliflower.


You can make the mashed cauliflower with a hand immersion blender, a blender, or a food processor. I use the low speed first and then high. I mash it while it’s hot. I don’t add any milk (cause I am not supposed to drink it) or even butter and/or cheese (both of which I can have)

It was such an amazing lunch. I went back to work after eating it (I work a 3 minute walk away from home so I come home everyday and cook lunch–usually) and walked through that door saying ‘I just had the most amazing lunch!’

Then I went shopping today and was a bit perplexed when I say this:



Now onto Divorce.

Dear Sugar,

The relationship which I’ve had with you has been amazing. You have helped me through some rough days, helped me through the 3pm run-down, helped me study, helped me reward myself, keep me from sleeping, from getting into my skinny jeans and helped me make some people’s birthdays simply amazing.

However, my brain thinks that I need you like a bad but delicious man…but my gut says otherwise. Thank you for the make-up romp today in the kitchen–it was a delicious affair with ice cream and Mars Bars slice.

p1010326However, my affair with you is over and I am going back into a sugarless celibacy, therefore Divorcing you forever and throwing all of your shit out of my gut is what is going to have to happen. I hope you understand.

Deeply regretful,

Small Intestine

2 thoughts on “Divorcing YOU…

  1. Iva says:

    Lady you are amazing!!! Every time I see a picture of you I think WOW – now that is my role model. I know you struggled with weighed in High School but the fact that you got it off and look like a million bucks now is something that many people can’t do. Living where I do today and being surrounded by people who can’t and won’t loose weight because its too much of an inconvenience for them makes me appreciate what you did even more.

    I know that it never looked like I struggled with it in HS, but trust me I did. I was just active enough to hide it. It never became an issue until after college. Now, I am fighting the uphill sugar battle as well. So I need some advice. How do I start eliminating sugar all together? And what foods do you stay away from? Last but not least, the dreaded craving. What do you reach for? This is kind of strange considering I haven’t talked to you face to face since 2001, but I know so few people who have gone through this and succeeded. I am hoping I can learn something from your experience. I am so going to try that chicken salad for lunch today! BTW, how long are you going to say down under for?

    • Mish says:


      The wonders of internet 🙂 I am glad that it’s ‘reaching’ out to someone. I am hoping I am not the only crazy person out there would writes divorce letters to sugar 🙂 I know that sugar–in the refined sense–is something that my body yeah. Yes, fruits and honey etc. are things which are good. Natural forms of sugar. The need for ice cream, cookies, CRAP is mental..not physiolgical–because it actually reacks havoc on my gut (it is right now). I am trying a couple of things. Honey, dates (super sweet and good for you) and frozen bananas believe it or not taste like ice cream to me. I think though it’s really about–why am I craving this? Being honest with yourself. I also notice if I am dehydrated. I don’t have a cure, as I have struggled, and documented my struggle w/ sugar. I think slowly cutting things out. Ice cream and cookies are a no go for me. I have to remind myself of the damage I am doing to myself. It’s hard though. I am not too sure how much longer I’ll be in Oz. Thanks for reading. Set daily goals–today I am going to only have one treat….try that for a week or two. Then space out the days. Or cold turkey. Although I realise when I go ‘cold turkey’ I binge. Good luck!

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