Hens Party

I will rant about women not hating themselves after I get through a fabulous party which celebrated women–A Bachelorette Party–Actually a Hen’s Party (rant in a later post today…cause I realised I have too much to say and don’t want to spoil this fabulous post).

It wasn’t your trashy bridal shower or drunken fest. It was a classy afternoon with women from Bec’s life celebrating her huge transition into being a wife with a celebratory lunch.

The thing which I love about this, especially this party, is it was multi-generational, classy and fun.

Why was I there? To pour Champagne, make the appetisers, fill people’s drinks, do some dishes and make sure that Bec’s mom, whom I work with, was enjoying the party. Lets get started!

p1010334Australian women, sweeping generalisation, love Champagne.

p1010335Frying up fish balls. That sounds so disgusting..they actually aren’t the balls of fish..they are balls made out of fish–anyways what fish would have that big of balls? They were tasty and SUPER easy to make. About five minutes in the frying pan and stab with toothpicks. I always like to warm the serving platter first by putting them into the oven or running hot water over them.

Then an Indian woman came to teach all of the girls who to Bollywood Dance. I topped up champagne, mimosas, and mineral water. Tried to keep the fish balls from getting cold along with frying samosas in the frying pan because the deep fryer that was given to us with the oil…didn’t have enough oil supplied ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But all is well that ends well…which it did.

Alas, everyone was a bit buzzed, hot, and hungry..so let the mains begin!

p1010336Kofta Balls..a ball theme going on here ๐Ÿ™‚ They’re basically a vegetable meatball that is fried and then tossed with an amazing red sweet creamy sauce. Did I mention that I LOVE Indian Food?

p1010337Palak Penear…cottage cheese curds in a fabulous spinach based sauce. OMG I could eat that every single day.

p1010338Vindaloo Fish. Did I mention that I love fish?

Like I stated before it was a celebration of women that was topped off by Bec’s sister, Kat, planning to not only have dancing lessons…but to have two women come in and do Henna for everyone.

p1010357Me, Bec–the soon-to-be bride, and her sister Kat.

My henna is looking good day. Let’s just say a jam-packed day. It’s my friend Nicole’s birthday today. Dessert shopping and prepping, lunch for her at Noon, afternoon prep of dessert, dessert celebration at 5pm, dinner at my friend Sarah’s house at 6pm..and need to get birthday presents, easter presents and working out in between 1pm and 5pm today. Will get done!

So perhaps that rant won’t come til tomorrow, but I am going to whip out some of my thoughts and opinions..cause this lack of women’s self-love is an interesting thing for me.

One thought on “Hens Party

  1. Robi says:

    Mish – you look fabulous. But do you always tilt your head so much? So what if you’re tall? You’re beautiful!

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