5pm texts

Living in Australia means that I constantly get to play ‘what time is it back home’. Thus, when I get a text from of my dear friends ‘Are you around? Please call me’ at 5:30pm my time I freak out..cause it’s 5:30am there.

Is she ok?
Is something wrong with her family?
What happened?

I called on Skype…didn’t work
Then re-charged my damn phone
Texted. No response
Called again

Hello she says in a groggy voice

At this point I think the worst, maybe in a hospital, jail, held hostage somewhere (but why would she be calling me in Australia–who knows)

Hey is everything ok?

Yeah, I just was having a bit of a breakdown

This of course is a common theme in our friendship (We’re not always calling eachother in moments of meltdowns–but she did a mini-meltdown e-mail from me yesterday–to which she always promptly responds to). It’s not a bad thing.

It’s just that we’re, many of us, are in this post-graduation let-down. The economy in America is S–T and frankly I don’t have any desire trying to justify why I’d go back except of course for my adorable nieces who kill me everytime I hear about what they’re doing, buy little presents–spent 115.00 yesterday on them–, or see pictures of them. But the point being the post-graduation from university sucks…most of the time. Unless of course you’re on of the many (maybe it’s because I went to a Catholic Uni) who gets married in hopes to marry the ‘love of their life’ and provide some stability in a seemingly unstable world. Even then, I am not too sure if that’s good.

I guess what I am saying is, is that thank god for friends. Thank god for being able to text at 5:30am in the morning to a familiar voice who is cutting their toe nails trying to motivate themselves to go for a run–for the past 12 hours–who is deeply concerned.

There aren’t words that make life any better, perhaps it’s just knowing that someone understands–truly gets it–over the phone.


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