Easter Dinner & Doctors

Lets just say that Easter was good and eventful.

Lets start off with the good 🙂


Then of course how can you not start off Easter without these…140 of them to be exact. (I was eating dinner/lunch with 20 American girls and they thought that everyone would want at least six devilled eggs..OMG that’s a lot of egg)


These are ‘man’ sized skwers for appetisers. Enough cheese on one to clog a portion of your left artery–but amazing.


Then this is where my eventful begins..with the meat. The girls had about 5kg of lamb on the bone and about 3 chickens @ 2kgs each. Thus, we were going to go over to another house and place the lamb into one oven and the chickens into another w/ extra time. However, the keys had been changed and even security couldn’t get into the kitchen–fabulous. So, we went over to another house with one big oven and started the lamb 2 hours before. However, the girls went to check on the oven and it had switched itself off. FABULOUS! So, needless to say I was cutting raw lamb off the bone to get it to cook quicker, cutting raw chicken of the bone and then pan frying it. We were forty five minutes late :(…. thank god for the heafty appetisers 🙂



Then came the amazing cheesy scalloped potato things. The girls did a fabulous job on these..I always cut them too thick and then they don’t cook. They cut them just perfectly.


Of course greenbean casserole


This is my little plate. I think that I am going to have to get over being annoyed with the fact that special dinners, holidays/birthdays/big fry ups, are not a treat for me. I have to let go of this.

Here’s my little sad plate–I went to get more chicken.


Then of course you have to have dessert. So that girls made three of them..they’re pretty impressive.

Gluten-Free Carrot Cake–amazing!



Dark Chocolate Torte–a bit on the dry side.


Chocolate pudding cake–good but didn’t set. 😦


Then then adventure begins. One of the girls has something going on with her eye and doesn’t know what it is. So we decide that we’re going to take her to the after-hours doctor. As we are about to leave another one of the girls states that she feels like she has fluid in her lungs. We are going on a four day trip tomorrow. So I go ‘you need to go to the doctor to. So three kids later, one for moral support, my friend Nicole and I all pile into the university car. We first drop of two girls at the after hours doctor. Girl A gets done and states that she needs a prescription. So we take Girl A to the pharmacy. When we get girl A to the pharmacy they don’t have a prescription for her. So while girl B and girl A are in with the doctors–Nicole and girl C go pump fuel.


Then we go back to pick up Girl A and B, go back to the pharmacy to get a new prescription for girl A and get a prescription for girl B.

Happy Easter.

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