Day 2–up to the cabin we go

I think that going on these trips always brings out the camp counselor in me–Katey if you’re reading this you know exactly what I am talking about. I can’t help up spring into a mental redition of ‘A pile of tin’…don’t get me started.

I probably woke up this morning, went running because I felt guilty. Then proceeded into the shower–god I hope so–and now have wet hair tied back with a headband. We’ll see if this holds true.

Headed off to the lighthouse–for the sixth time–it’s a lighthouse. Once I’ve gotten over being cranky the cave is fabulous–Jewell Cave–google it.

Then off to Pemberton–I love where we stay–It’s in the middle of nowhere–it reminds me of home. I will probably be pretty excited to go running in the morning through the vineyard.

I will most likely be reading a bit of Jodi’s new book and then crashing–happily

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