Day 3- TREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I have to say is that I love LOVE ‘The Valley of the Giants’–google it.

Two men died creating this freak of nature structure and I love them for it.

I finally get to feel like a bird.


Oh and did I mention that you get to feed wild parrots..they eat right out of your hands…what more could you honestly ask for? I am not too sure–well if you’re asking–my nieces and family to FINALLY come over! 🙂

Then we’d head to the ugg boat factory. I got some slippers a year ago. Slippers–I wear them all the time. One time when I first started my job, when I was SUPER stressed out I forgot to take them off. Opps. They’re warm and comfy–leave me alone.

Then headed back to the cabin. I am probably ok, a bit sad that it’s almost over but happy with the day. I’ll probably read more out of Jodis book and try and avoid eating cookies.

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