I survived, my tailbone didn’t


I survived.

We only got lost three times.

I only drove the bus for 12 hours today–or so it seemed.

My tailbone is letting me know about the awesome seat I sat in the whole week.

I honestly had a fabulous time. It was my sixth time doing the down south trip, the second driving it. It’s so funny because there’s so many different ways and places you can maneuver through that I never get bored. This trip was different then what I went on when I was director, but my friend Nicole did a fabulous job.


This is the gorgeous place where we got to eat lunch today. I think it’s my favourite picture of the trip.

I am going to be working on posts this weekend, about my weekend, but more of what has been racing through my mind. It was good to be away from the humdrum of work, the pulse of blogging, and my new favourite blog of ALL TIME ThePioneerWoman. Needless to say driving through the countryside of WA, as well as immersing myself in ThePioneerWoman has made me VERY homesick for the country.

My tailbone is sore. I’d sit on some frozen peas, if I had some.


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