Day 1: Swanky Danks

This is a post recapping my time down south driving a bus full of 20 American study abroad students. Let’s just say…it was memorable.

I left Fremantle super excited because I got a whole week and 1 day off of work! I needed it. I have had A LOT of things running through my head and frankly I needed time away from EVERYTHING to really get my head wrapped around where I wanted to go and where I wanted to be in life.

Thus, the mental dialogues about my life’s options started…and the first stop to conquering these inner voices and mentally draining ‘pros/cons’ was a trip to the chocolate factory and this swanky food store.

p1010417Did I mention that they have HUGE tubs of free samples..cornucopia (I love that word)

Swanky dank food alert!


Then we headed to Leeuwin Estate Winery…where my friend Nicole and I got coffees. HA HA HA.


Mish you need to tell me when you’re taking pictures of me…there’s more ‘flattering’ pictures in subsequent posts..I promise.

Our coffees


I’ve always wanted to know how to do that.


Then to finish off the swanky was hand washing time…in some sort of amazing sink thing. It’s just a slab of granite (I think) that’s been angled downwards so that there’s no ‘sink’ but rather a very cool ‘sink’.


Well that pretty much sums up day one. I was pretty tired at the end of this day. We stayed in Augusta, WA. Google it. More pictures tomorrow about my trip. I will post tonight about my was fun. 🙂

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